Rotten Eggs

Im 18 and share a room with another girl in my hostel. So it was holiday time and all the hostelitez headed back home. But they all came back a week before I did. So, my roomie comes to our room and finds it stinking. She thought it was prolly a dead rat. So she calls our caretaker and they begin the rat hunt. Turns out I had left raw eggs in my table drawer and they were rotten. This caretaker goes and tells this to everyone in the hostel. Andsince the girls and guys in my hostel are starving for any sort of excitement, I had become the big gossip topic. "Ohhh...did you hear about that disgusting girl who left rotten eggs in her room? Phoooweyyy! Glad Im not her roomie..." I am not the neatest person in the room but I do not usually keep rotting food items in my room. And by not usually I mean never! I hate when ppl talk bad about me. Now I can concentrate on my studies and my uni exams are a month away... I feel like jumping in a hole and crying till my eyes fall off...

May 24, 2012

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  • One day you'll look back and have a good laugh. Don't give it a second thought. If you hear people talking about it..just say yea, so.

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