As I prepare to head back for my second year of university I am wondering what I will have for a room mate, Last year my room mate and I were pretty close but she was a total s** freak, Started out that in our small, Shared room I became almost instantly aware that she had an excessively high s** drive, I think it was like our third night or whatever I laid there listening as she quietly masturbated and since i didn't say anything I guess she figured I was a heavy sleeper because she woke me up more often than not with her sheets rustling and/or her heavy breathing and o******.
A month or so in she met a guy and would bring him back to our room and I would have to listen to her explain that I was a heavy sleeper then listen to her giving noisy b******* or listen to how good his d*** felt and what she wanted him to do to her then listen to him grunt as he came. They split and she was back to masturbating. I kid you not she is like a 2-3 time a week chronic masturbator, I try to be much more discreet but my frequency is much less too so...I wait until i know she is in class or at work and lock the door, turn out the lights, Close the blinds and put on some music...Bing, bang, BOOM...done, You can't use the showers there, trust me I have tried but there are too many people in and out and noise and talking and everyone can hear, there have been multiple times I have overheard someone who doesn't realize they are being louder than they think or even just heavy breathing and a gasp at the end will give it away so everyone I know does it in their room.
Last years roomie had 3 boyfriends throughout the year, I didn't get into any serious relationships not to say I didn't bring anyone back to the room but again only if I knew she wouldn't be there or I went to his place, I know she won't be staying on campus this year so I just wonder what sort of room mate I'll get.

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