My Neighbour

There are so many things I need to confess but one of them is about my neighbor. I remember that I always thought he was weird because he didn't have a job, wife, husband or kids snd he was like 40. He did babysit the kids in the neighborhood frequently though so there was that..
One day he was babysitting me and he told me to get in the bath I was around 8. He watched me undress and he took down his pants and started masturbatingg. He got in the bath and I was really uncomfortable and he wastouching my leg. He was squeezing my a*** and my b****. He made me sit on him and he was playing with my p**** and he told me not to tell anyone. After that he sodomised me and it hurt so badly and I was crying. He made me suck his peniss and then dressed me sent me odwnstairs to watch TV like nothing happened. I'm 12 now and this has changed me. I think I'm gay and I've been talking to older guys and I've been banged by about 20 strangers and they all know where I live and what school I go to And they blackmail me and keep coming to my house. I wish I could move so badly and start over again. What have I done...And even now I still want guys 20-50 to bang me to take away the pain and then replace it with a new pain the next day..

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  • If you see this, tell someone... The pain of Them knowing a secret rather than the physical and mental pain your suffering day in and day out will feel like nothing

  • You naughty boy you are gay and I would love to lick your a*** until your screaming for me and then push my d*** inside you and fill you with my c**.

  • Just let yourself accept your destiny. It's ok

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