Might love it too much...

My friends and i were telling each other about our past sexual relationships and our "number" i couldnt just count on my fingers, like i had to write the names down to remember them all.
"guy from LQ"
"the DJ"
the thing is im completely ok with this and plan on having more s**. im realizing that im just a girl who is open and excited about her sexuality and a girl who happens to have some awesome and sometimes weird s** stories. im completely healthy and safe no matter what but im just confessing this because all of my other friends number's are max 5. Hate to be so cliche but im pretty sure im the "Samantha" of my group, but im the most innocent looking lol.

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  • What std's have you caught? Some are the gift that keeps on giving.

  • that is so f****** hot all the girls where i live are too goody goody...maybe you and me should hook up and you can add BEN to that list

  • Place me like a seal over your heart,
    like a seal on your arm;
    for love is as strong as death,
    its jealousy[a] unyielding as the grave.
    It burns like blazing fire,
    like a mighty flame.[b

    This is the love of God for each person. Now s** can give you a feeling for a moment, but it's not love. Love is something that should be based on sacrifice and devotion. God does that for each person through christ. See 1 Corinthians 13

  • thats very true. i have my love for God and i do believe in love but im not giving my heart away to anyone who doesnt deserve it. love is strong.

  • U r a s***. Not to mention some of those names sound like girls.

  • oh and yes i did think Kaylan had a girl name but thats his real name, and hes actually amazingly more manly than one would think after reading his name on paper. haha but i know a few male ariels its pronounced kinda like (AH DEE EL) in spanish

  • im only a s*** when im talking dirty. and s**** are girls who have s** carelessly and do it for attention. i just very much enjoy the idea of s** and having a lot of s**. o****** are amazing things and why wouldnt i be out for the hunt.

  • uR TALKING bout like half the girls at my skool but they dont hav s** they pull their skirt up WAY 2 high push their breast out 2 much and bend over so u can c their arses gross!

  • Ok well you should share some of the stories but only the ones that you only knew the guys for 3 days or less those are the good ones :-)

  • 21 partners IS a lot. No wonder u don't share that with your friends... A little embarrassing? Think your friends might call u a s*** behind your back?

  • oh no no no! im not embarrased. i just feel on another level than my friends sexually. and my friends saw my list im very open about it. it is a lot than the normal female i'll give ya that. i was just confessing that i couldnt count on the top of head how many it was. i had to write them down. haha and that i secretly feel like samantha more than any character on SATC

  • 21 partners is not a lot. u r lucky to have so many different experiences. you should reflect on what u learn from each one--and go for more of the best

  • Get tested for STD's and I am not kidding.

  • oh its ok! i love being safe completely and getting tested on the norm. actually those things are mandatory with the lifestyle i live. but thanks for advice!

  • Well then you're seriously offensive.

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