I hate being a stepdad and for the wrong reasons

Mid-age male here who met the love of his life. She has a daughter from when she was in high school who is a blast. The dad is in her life but completely distant. No communication whatsoever just occasional message from the daughter of events. The problem is the fact that I cannot get over the idea that she had ** with this guy and, decided to have his child. I feel like no matter where I go or, what I do, thats his girl. Its like she was a ** of the school and im the sucker for having to be with her, sloppy seconds and, take care of her kid.

I know its completely unreasonable but, i dont know what to do or how to even feel about it. That feeling is always around and in my head. Can anyone help? I really love this girl & my family does too.

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  • You are not unreasonable at all. You'd have to be mentally ill to like raising another man's kid. The problem is you settled for her

  • See a therapist

  • I think by the fact you went in to detail about the daughter is your real answer! You have feelings for her!?

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