I am in fix please help me!!!!!!!!!

I am 20 year old now..,,but since i was studying in 7th standard i am in love with a guy who is three years elder to me but i never told my feeling to him..i never had enough courage to tell it..four years i loved him but then we relocated our house and i was not able to see him for the rest five years.. After a long gap i saw him again even now i want him so much.. but i heard that he is in love with some other girl from past two years..Now what should i do?
should i go propose him? or should i forget him?
i am confused please help me
but i am not able to forget him at all:(

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  • i know all about him . . his parents , what is he doing and all . . more over he is my family friend. . few years back but now he dont remember me . .

  • hmmm shall i tell him that.. a girl likes you form years together and find out what's his response for that.. then proceed with what i wanted to say??

    and yeah i dont meet him often

  • What do your friends suggest that you do?

    I think when you have a moment with him you should start the conversation by asking him what he's been up to, where he's working/living etc..basic info stuff. You really don't know him, so here's your opportunity to ask him questions to actually see if you two have anything in common. So ask him a lot of questions.

    Then say, I have a confession..I had the biggest crush on you in high school.(I think this may be the safest way to avoid embarrassment and having your feelings crushed). I think given that you don't know this guy very well this may be the better plan.

    Then ask if he has a girlfriend.. or seeing anyone..and then depending on how he answers see if he'd be interested in meeting up with you for coffee/drinks/dinner etc.. At least begin to form a friendship. Definitely ask if he's on facebook and friend him, and ask for his number so that you two can keep in touch. But you have to do what you're comfortable with doing...

  • Thank you so much :) and i did
    not date with him then
    i am meeting him on my friends reception. . so should i tell him there ?

  • Sounds like that may be your best opportunity. It doesn't sound like you see him that often. You will also have to find a way to get him alone and so that you can tell him. Remember you have already developed feelings for him and he may only know you as a an acquaintance/friend. So blurting out that you love him, may scare him off. Just talk with him, see what his status is, tell him you've had a crush on him for a long time and would love to meet for coffee or dinner.. make it really casual. You have to do what you're comfortable with. You need some answer from him so you know whether to pursue or to move on. Be prepared to accept whatever his reaction is and then keep in mind there may be other guys there too...so don't overlook someone. Good luck..

  • I'm confused too, did you ever actually date him? or just like him from afar? It may help you to just get up the nerve and tell him how you feel. Chances are he may tell you what you already know, which is he's with someone. But if you don't want to live with regret, then you must tell him how you feel and see what happens. If he feels the same, great! And if not then you'll know and can put your energies towards someone else. There are other guys out there...

  • please somebody give me a solution:(

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