It's been two years. Two f****** excruciating years, filled with loves, hates, adventures, late nights, long days, hours, minutes, sunsets and f****** mountains. But no matter where I might be, who I might love, what I might be doing; I can never forget her. I've seen a lot of this world, terrible things, wonderful things, but no matter how much I see and how much I learn, she's always the most beautiful thing on the planet. You ever been able to remember someones smile? Like not a funny story, or any context even and I don't mean to remember their body or what they were wearing. But just their smile, and how it warms your heart. This girl, I haven't seen her in two years, and I could never forget her smile. How long has it been since I fell for her? Seven years. I don't mean to make this sound like some "Oh she just wants me as her friend, it's almost like a fairy tale" bullshit. Cause it was nothing like that. It was a road full of pain, infidelity and ultimatums. I've known her since we were kids, middle school and there was always something special about her to me. But, I'm a disgusting human being, I lied, cheated and stole to get her, I wish I could forget she even existed. I have forgotten and stopped feeling about the ones before, but this is different. I can't forget her smile, and I yearn to see it once again. But I know I never can and am tortured by the smile that warms my heart. Perhaps this is what I deserve? Perhaps.

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  • Live in the past and all you will feel is pain.
    Somehow remember the good but look to the future.

  • If the relationship can't be resumed or renewed or revived, that truly is sad. However, you don't need to forget her, but you do need to allow the memory of her to fade. Find someone who you can make happy, and make her happy. Happiness that close at hand has remarkable powers of restoration. What will that lead to? Depends on what you do with it. Best wishes.

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