I'm scared. I think I may be going somewhat anorexic.. Whenever I don't get my way, or when something goes wrong, I completely stop eating. Then is the only time people start to listen.. It's why I do it. For that and the need to be skinny and pretty. I never told anybody, and nobody will ever know until I'm dead in the ER because of a long binge. I can't help myself, and I don't want to talk to anybody because that's tough, and it's not like anybody cares, so..

Jun 6, 2012

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  • Self-centered b****.

  • You "can't help" that you're doing this for attention and to be skinny and pretty? Well, just wait for your big tragic scene in the ER where everyone sobs over your photogenic, wasted little carcass. Oh, that's right, *dramatic flourish* Nobody Cares About Youuuuuu.

    God, I hope you're too dead to read this. Waste of skin.

  • One day I had a wa.nk over an anorexic po.rn pic,and then 5mins later, had a wa.nk over a huuge bbw p*** pic.
    Each time berating them out loud about their physical appearance.
    Anyone else done this?

  • people do care.. it seems that people may feel you are doing this for attention and its not serious... if you feel you are (becoming) anerixic please stop now !! this is a horrible life ruining diease.. i have just finished my conselling wioth everyone sayin well done and your fine now.. this beast will be in my head forever i wish i had got help sooner

  • She (or he) said outright that s/he's doing it for attention. Re-read the confession, but only if you have a high tolerance for drama.

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