I hate that men aren't allowed to wear skirts

I'm a girl but I hate that men or boys don't feel comfortable in their own clothes. I feel that they should be able to wear whatever they want and nobody should judge them. They have rights and they are human beings just like the rest of us but they're so scared of people not being okay with them being themselves and I hate that. I don't usually have feelings for things, I've grown up in a cold environment, but this kind of stuff just hurts me. People should be welcomed with open arms for being who they are, not shunned.

Anybody out there who is scared or embarrassed, don't be. If you want to wear panties and skirts do it. I guarantee that you'll look beautiful.

If anybody needs to talk or needs Anything email me at wendy.ochoa420@gmail.com

I don't think it right for this to be happening and I hope Other people feel the same way I do

Jun 13, 2020

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  • What planet are you on? The vast majority of men doint wear skirts because they don't want to! Get back in real world sister!

  • Any boys want to put me in a skirt you can message me

  • All boys should wear skirts and panties to school

  • And you should be in prison. I'll even buy you a skirt to wear in there.

  • I'm a boy I'll wear skirt and knickers. For a boy I'd love a boy put me in a skirt

  • Id love a. Girl to put me in a skirt ilove girls knickers I'd let a. Boy put me in one il like to wear a skirt for a boy he can put his hand up my skirt

  • The neighbor kid whos way younger than me wears skirts and I've been f*cking his way too cute little sissy @ss since he was 10 and I was 14. He's 13 now and just gorgeous and he's got a few boyfriends trying to get in his cute little lace panties. I don't think that they're f*cking as of yet but I'm so jealous when they make out with him. I can see him from my upstairs bedroom window, it looks down into his room. Both of them, the boy's fooling around with him are like the biggest 15 year old s**** around!

  • I'm a boy you ca see my panties whenever you want

  • I've been wearing skirts since I was way littler and started making out with other boys when I was ten. I'm not sure why I do stuff with boys, is it the skirts and panties or not? I really made out with a boy wearing boy's stuff, jeans and boy's underpants. It was cool but not like skirts and panties...

  • I'm aboy I wear panties ilove wearing them

  • I'm a boy I wear skirts and panties I'll show you my panties

  • If you're a girl, then you have no dog in this fight. You don't get to dictate what another gender wears or doesn't wear. Stay in your own lane, little girl!

  • Yes!!!

  • Kilt's exist by the way?! ....Scotland men are wearing skirts called kilt's

  • A rose by any other name is still a rose . A skirt by any other name is still a skirt .

  • Idiot

  • Men should only wear trousers that go from hips to ankles . Never skirts and never those God-awful ridiculous looking shorts or cutoffs .

  • I wish men were allowed or accepted in wearing yoga pants in public, As a guy I envy the girls and women that I see wearing them all over the place and wishing I could

  • I’m a male and love wearing pantyhose

  • I had an older boy have s** with me when I was wearing boy's pants and underpants. After that I started wearing panties and my sister's skirts and sundresses... That's like six years ago and I'm wondering if that's how it started for other boys?

  • I want you to see my panties I'd wanto show you. Mine

  • My mum used to walk around in panties and a short shirt. i thought it was hot. Now I do it too.

  • You are a very understanding woman. My wife accepts that I like to dress up in pretty feminine clothes yet only at home since society doesn’t readily accept men in skirts or dresses. Guy clothes seem so dull and drab.

  • I want to make my 7yo son wear a skirt

  • Panties too I want hispussy

  • My mom got me to wear skirts and panties when I was that age and by the time I was 9 an older boy was like f#cking me almost every day after school. I'm like not complaining cause it's like the coolest thing ever now that I'm in my teens.

  • Wish I was the one f ucking your lovely tight ass

  • That is cool, I want you to also.

  • No rubber I want you to feel when I c um in you, reach around and stroke your nice hard c ock too

  • I like it like the best ever when the boy that f*cks me squirts c*m into my butt.

  • I want tocum in you and suck yourcock

  • Cool,I'd really like that a lot!

  • Mmmmmmmm me too! I want to suck and lick yourballs, slurp and suck on your lovely hard throbbingcock and swallow yourcum

  • I want pics, put him in panties too please

  • Im a boy i love wearing girl panties and skirtsi want to show everyone my panties

  • I'm not gay, but there is a very feminine guy Jessie I work with that crossdressers in public. Long hair, blue eyes, pretty face and sexy ass. We have always been friends, but not sexual in any way. 3 months ago we worked the over night shift answering phones. Due to social distancing we were the only ones in the office. Long story short, Jessie had on a skirt and heels and I shouldn't have but commented his legs looked good.

    2 minutes later Jessie was in my lap and we were kissing, and soon the skirt went up panties down and we were f******. It was a slow night and we had s** 3 more times.

    We been f****** constantly since that night, I go to Jessie place and we make love on pink silk sheets. Don't know where this is going, but it is the best s** and oral in my life.

    I hate not being with Jessie now. I want us together 24/7. An I in love?

  • There are different types of love. We don't get to deside, but you'll know if you were in love.

  • Maybe but I think really you are just a good boy that likes acock in his ass

  • I don't know about them so much but I sure do!!!

  • Cool! Me and my friend are like you and jessie and we're in high school together. I'm kinda pretty and have been wearing skirts, dresses and panties like all the time since 5th grade. My friend Billy noticed me when I was in 7th grade me when he was a freshman and he was the first boy to get in my panties...so cool! Kissing and everything, I'm so happy!

  • Will you put your hands in my panties and play with me

  • LOVE too, feel your c ock grow nice and hard for me to w*** and suck

  • Uh huh, if you do it with me in my panties.

  • You can put your hand in my panties I'm s boy I wear cute ones. You can have my email

  • Yes please I want to play with your c ock

  • I'm s boy you can see my panties

  • Oh thats nice

  • Love to have got in your panties in 5th grade you would have been nice and tight

  • I'm a boy I wear panties all the time I'd love a boy to suck me of

  • I was in 4th grade when I switched from boy's underpants to girl's panties. It's probably caused by a teenage boy who was fcking me like all the time.

  • Im a boy you can see mine

  • Panties, skirts and dresses on boy's are so cute and cool I've been wearing them for like forever since I was 9. I'm 15 now and it's like the best thing ever!

  • I'm a boy I wear panties skirt you can see mine

  • You can see my panties I'll show you mine

  • I'm aboy ilove panties I'd love you to dress me as a girl I'll show you mine ilove showing my panties

  • I'm aboy ilove wearing girls panties ilove wearing them I'm wearing light blue ones now ilove white ones pink ones ilove girls school skirts I want to wear s girls kilt dress as a girl if love a girl to put a skirt on me

  • Plain white for me today I have worn only panties now for awhile, pink, pale yellow and sky blue are my fav colours, I love seeing other boys wearing panties

  • Do you want my email show you my panties

  • Im a boy doyou want to see my panties you can have my email

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes please

  • Do you want my email and I'll show you my panties

  • How many times do you need to ask the same question and never reply?

  • Im a boy you can see mine whenever you want

  • Why don't you just admit that you're not a girl . You're a f***** ! Q**** c*** ! Blokes have worn trousers for generations apart from some Asians that wear long shirt like dresses, probably to be comfortable in the heat. In the heat normal blokes wear shorts.

  • Im a boy i love wearing girls panties i want you to see mine

  • Go back to burying your head in the sand, where have you been the last 20 years

  • Buying shorts and not wearing a man bun, you noodle-armed dweeb!

  • Do you think we parents should just buy dresses and skirts for our sons

  • Yes and cute panties white cotton ones

  • Boys should wear cute pleated skirt white panties

  • I know, my mom gets them for me, she's so cool about it!

  • I do like all the time and I have a boyfriend too! White panties are a thing of their own and look like the cutest thing ever!

  • Im a boy you can see mine i wear really cute ones

  • Im a boy i wear girls white cotton panties there so cute ilove school skirt ill wear panties for you ill wear white ones for you you can email if you want ill be anather boy for you

  • Boys should wear skirts and cute panties

  • Uh huh, ever since I got um three older boy's who are like the coolest ever make out with me!

  • Do you like boys in panties you can see mine you can pull mine down

  • I do and my mom gets um for me.

  • Do you want my email and I'll show you my panties you can see mine I'd want you to see them

  • Love to go panty shopping with you

  • I'd love that idmodel panties for you

  • Cool, I'd like that.

  • I want to watch you try them on, rub yourcock in them get you hard, then suck you off

  • I'm a boy I wear panties I want a boy to suck. Me of in the woods

  • That's great sounding ! I got a boyfriend but he doesn't take me to get panties. He took me to buy shoes and got really jealous because the salesman kept bringing me shoes to try on just so he could look up my sundress to see my panties.

  • I just want your c-ck to suck

  • I'm a boy I want a boy to suck me yes please

  • I want someone to go shopping with they can get me soe white panties

  • It might be that we need to force it a little for the good of society

  • There are a lot of things that need to be forced for the good of society, but sticking guys in skirts is not one of them.

  • Yes give them the option but don't force them. Let them know that you support them no matter what they do

  • NO! We must impose OUR values onto other people! If we're #woke, that's not racism or bigotry or being hateful, it's being loving!!!! /s

  • Uh huh, my mom does for me.

  • What colour im a boy i wear white ones pink ones

  • My favorites are white, yellow and pink ones with ruffles on um!

  • When I was a kid in the 1970's, in summer I used to spend my day wearing speedos (swimming costume like undies) and a tee shirt. I used to imagine I was a girl wearing a dress.

  • This chick is into fem men. Prob has a weak or non existent Dad. Doesn't understand she will grow to hate her fem mate, same as she hated her Dad. Happy Fathers Day. Sorry about what happened to you.

  • We stopped the car for lunch. It was a small country town just off the highway. We had been travelling for a couple of hours. I was 10. A boy. I looked at some other kids kicking a ball. I looked down at my legs. Tights and a skirt. I walked with mom to the ladies. There would be no running and rough play for me.

  • Oh yes there will mum can watch me enjoy that boipussy

  • You women are stupid. The men in this country is stupid yoo. You must be white. Because you white breads like this gay propaganda. Stop men into tricks.

  • Weh! Weh! Weh! whitewhitewhite
    STFU racist moron

  • Clothing does not make you gay moron

  • I'm starting high school this fall and have been wearing skirts like more and more. It was never a s** kinda thing till seventh grade and now I think that I'm really bi or maybe even gay?

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