Family Trouble

I feel like just taking off and starting fresh somewhere where no one knows me. The day to day stress I get for no reason is close to enough to just push me over the edge and pack my stuff and board a bus headed anywhere. No matter how well I handle a situation I'm always criticized terribly by those closest to me. They tell me I'm going to be an uneducated nobody loser and will fail in life. They don't understand that the reason i continue to dance is because that is what saved me from my depression and it continues to be a stress reliever. They told me that they won't allow me to continue with it and that they aren't going to be supporting a loser son who spends his free time dancing around (though I pay for my classes and anything left over goes to them to help with bills).

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  • Starting over on a clean plate sounds quite pleasant when your mind either just wandering or your down in the dumps. Even I want to start over in a new town where no one knows me. But sometimes it might not be the best option.
    It's also hard the do something you like and be criticized for it. Unlike me, you actually pursue your dancing with a passion. I'm too afraid to do anything that might embarrass me, whether it be tripping on a rock or stumbling on a word in class, so I'm glad you have the strength to do something to relieve your stress and worries even though your dancing may be what's causing some of them.
    There's no definite answer on whether you want to leave or not but maybe you just have to grin and bear it - for as long as you live with your parents. And though it'll be hard, there might be times when you want to break down and cry wanting them to understand, or you just want to scream at everyone...just know that as long as you control yourself, love yourself undeniably, and do what you think is'll be alright. It'll be okay. And if it's not, MAKE it okay. No one ever has the right to put you down but the world isn't fair and people do out anyway. We are just humans looking for their place in the world. I'm probably not much help - just another random stranger who blurts stupid sh*t - but all I'd like to say is: "Everyone will die eventually, you might as well make the most of your life and ignore the bad things or you'll have a terrible life."

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