I stopped self harming but

I haven’t self harmed in a year (two days ago 😎) but I’ve had no reason to. Instead I’ve been spending all my money, intensely picking at scabs, destroying my hair, getting tattoos, not doing anything I enjoy. I’ve been going downhill and I literally cannot take it anymore. Movies are great aren’t they? They let you escape from everything, but then they end and you have to go back to your horrible life. Your horrible, boring, repetitive life. I don’t get it. Why am I here? I don’t have some reason ‘god’ gave me. I was born a loser and I’ll die a loser. I’m even here saying it on some confession website because i have no one else to rant to. ** this. There’s no point to nothing

Feb 17

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I like older men

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  • I have been told about this by a councelor I once talked to. I have found these helpful. Go for a walk and use your senses. Observe each sense you have what do you hear? Birds singing?dogs barking? A person mowing their lawn? What do you smell? The grass after it's mowed,the smell of rain on soil? Something burning? What or how do you feel? The wind? The sunshine? Cold? Hot? What do you see? Your neighbors? Some kids playing? Dogs? Cats? Trees?birds? With each sense take some time in knowing your senses when going for a walk it's very calming and gives you a more positive and peaceful feeling that draws your attention away from your negative feelings. Also try doing crossword puzzles,jig saw puzzles or any brain game that will keep your mind occupied and get together with family and friends and hang out somewhere and take pictures. Pictures capture moments in your life that you can look back on in the future. I hope these things or you find what helps you.

  • Please don't harm yourself

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