I'm 40 years old and poor

I don't even make 30k a year. I live in my parents basement. All my friends stopped talking to me because I'm such a loser.

Apr 4, 2013

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  • Sounds like you're working. If you're working you ARE NOT a loser you're a contributing to society. I respect ANYONE who works and many who don't for valid reasons. Whether you're busting your ass flipping burgers or running a company...doesn't mean you have to stay there...someone at some point needs to do that job and you deserve respect for that...keep pluggin.

  • Thank you!

  • I am 41, make less than 40k/year, have a wife (who doesn't work), two kids, a new house with a reasonable mortgage, and two cars. Maybe you're living in the wrong part of the country. The jobs are out there, particularly for skilled labor.

  • Stop calling yourself a loser. So your situation is not ideal and you probably never thought you'd live back at home, but that's where you are. And that's okay, it's not forever... If you don't like where you are in life, make an effort to change it. Be grateful that your parents let you live in their basement. There are many people who are out of work or make less than you and don't have that option. Maybe your friends stopped calling, because you have stopped calling them? It just sounds like you're depressed. This situation is temporary, just start to do something to make the change. Maybe it's taking a class, calling up one friend, going to the gym..whatever. Use the opportunity to save money or if you are paying rent, find a roommate and move out..Create options for yourself. And as the first commenter suggested..stay positive!

  • Thats okay! Your an amazing person, Just think positive okay :)

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