Its been a few years sinse I had s** with a girl. I wonder if its me I guess I'm just a loser.

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  • You are not a looser. I am strictly Gay now and get plenty of action.I give great blow jobs and I love it up my but. I would let you f*** me anytime

  • No you are not!! That is bs. Everyone goes thru difficult times. Do some volunteer work, join a sport like Pickeball. Just get around them doing something good or fun. Be nice and smile. Just a matter of time bro!! πŸ‘

  • Give it time. U may just be having a dry spell

  • I wonder about these things too

  • You aren't necessarily a loser. But you're definitely a bad speller.

  • I use to feel this way until i realizebi can grope woman in many possible ways from that moment i feel like a predator fuckk a hot chick

  • Force urself on someone and start pounding her she would loose and will start collaborating...personal experience

  • I been telling you all along you're a loser.

  • A******

  • Ya sinse when?

  • It's not just you. The millennial generation is having less s** than it's predecessors. Stds are on the rise and social media is killing what it means to be social. We are also the loneliest and least fertile generation. People are getting married and having kids later in life. For that matter the older generations are reporting that their s** lives, whether or not they were having it or not, weren't great until after 30 and later. Hope this gives you and anyone else reading, some perspective on the state of the world.

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