I hate you, for making you love me.

I hate you. You tell me you love me, but then as all my friends tell me you're going to ask me out, you tell me you're bored of me. Then, you ** to me about how you want to ask out my best friend. Being one of my best friends, I have to force you to go out with her, even though it kills me. You don't even seem to notice. You give me all these hints, and you're such a player behind her back. I still love you. We have plans, then you change them around, invite her and the whole day ends up with you and her kissing whilst I play pointless games on my phone, wishing it would end. I still love you. You tell me lies, you pretend not to get my texts, and then you say the most wonderful things about me the next day. You say really unique things, and make me feel so loved. Then the next day I found out you send that lovey-dovey ** to all of my friends too. I felt like we had a proper connection...we have lots in common, and even over truth or dares you ask me the weirdest stuff, like what would happen if you got me drunk and we ended up naked in bed. You gives me all these hints, which make me want him even more. I still love you. Sometimes, you make hating you so easy, I'm a pro at it. Worst of all, your girlfriend doesn't even know this all happens. She doesn't know that I had planned to ask you out, and if she did know, she would dump you to make me happy. Then no one would have you. You have made such a horrible reputation, everyone at my school hates you, and thinks you're a man **, a cheater, and a player. When I'm sad, you always say stuff like, "I'm such a **, blah blah blah." So then I have to put my sadness aside to convince you stuff you already know are true. You know how much this angers me, yet you still do it. Why? I hate you for making me love you, even though I know I cannot have you. I hate you, but I still love you.

Jun 8, 2012
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