This shouldn't bother me so much...

I play Words w/Friends a lot and lately I have been challenged by a lot of women due to my picture. It's just a headshot of mine but I have been told that my eyes are sexy. Sure. Whatever.
When I fist got a couple of new players they wanted to play more than that game. They asked me to get Kik and I did. That was the first 2 and they lasted a few days and one of them was crazy, but that's another story. After them I became bolder and I thought every new player was going to be someone I can m********* with until one lady called me out it and I felt horrible. I'm not that guy, so I just swore I was going to play not talk.
Then came Ms Muffin, her player name. For 2 days she pushed until I felt like she could be someone to hang out with, she even made suggestion on where to eat and things since she was only a couple of hours away. Then I got a Dear John that said she lied and was married and thought I was cool and blah blah. I know men get a bad rap for the way they treat women, but they are just as equally horrible, if not worse.
Pretty sick of all of them and I see why there are so many gay men out there because of b****** like games.

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  • Humans are crazy a*******, end of. Doesn't matter which set of junk you're rocking. (BTW, THERE ARE ONLY TWO PHYSICAL CHOICES)

  • Get over yourself and maybe someone will respect you.

  • Sorry that happened... (@ a woman)

  • That is really nice of you to say that. Thank you.

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