I hate other women now

I've been engaged for almost a year now to an EXTREMELY attractive, awesome, sweet and funny guy. He has the best sense of humor and frankly he's pretty irresistible. I can't BLAME other women for hitting on him but things have seriously gotten out of control recently. First of all the entire time I've been in a relationship with him his crazy b**** ex has stalked our lives relentlessly. When I first saw pictures of her I was shocked he was ever with her. She's an ugly girl with an even uglier attitude. He's not shallow which is rare for a man with his looks but even he admits the relationship he had with her was a total sham. He said he wasn't really into her in the first place he just gave her a shot because she was so persistent and he didn't want to seem like a bad guy not willing to give this girl a chance. He gave her that chance and of course she blew it. So, on top of having to see her ugly face on a daily basis because she's such a stalker, there's other women who WON'T leave my man alone and it's driving me f****** nuts. Girls he used to go to middleschool and highschool with add him on facebook nearly every day and once he accepts their friend request it's only a matter of minutes before one of these s**** b****** sends him a private message about how hot he is or asking if he's 'committed' to me. Holy f***, it says ENGAGED you dumb c**** if that doesn't answer the question for you then what does? Married I guess? Isn't that the f****** plan? Not to mention when we go places girls stare and giggle or attempt to talk to him even as I'm standing right there. It's been so f****** irritating lately I feel like I can't trust anyone, especially after an incident yesterday where one of my 'friends' messaged him drunk and said she'd love to 'suck him off'. He was shocked, showed me the message and I went ape s*** on this girl. THEN today some random b**** in Kohls (clothing store) comes up to him at the checkout while I'm standing right f****** there and starts flirting with him. He's always so good about being upfront and saying Uh this is my FIANCE but before he could even say anything this time I just sort of blew up. I know it was probably embarrassing for him but it felt so f****** good to tell her off. I said 'Uh are you blind b****? I'm holding his hand standing next to him. Shut the f*** up and go away'. The people around me looked sort of awkward or disgusted(probably at my language) but I don't give a f***. Now sitting here I came to the realization that I just plain hate other women now because I don't know who I can trust and who I can't. And so many girls these days are just willing to sleep with whoever no matter if they have a gf/fiance/wife they don't give a f***. THANK GOD I found a man who's faithful so I try not to have these feelings all the time, but Jesus Christ I just want to stab someone sometimes.

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