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Has anyone else ever just wandered into your life and their cute, funny, sexy, popular, and above all i just whenever i see her i feel like i just want to ask her to have s** with me or do anything with me. im 12 and i am having this exact same feeling and ive already told her that i like her a lot and that i want to go out with her but sense she is popular she rejects me and now we are only talking every once in a blue moon let me paint a picture of what i look like. i am 5ft 7in tall 195lb and 85% of me is muscle no joke went to the doctor and he said i am about 85% muscle and this girl who name is hunter and i will refer to her as such.Hunter looks about maybe 80lb shes 5ft 0in and she looks about 90% muscle so she is athletic to. does anyone have any suggestions if so they would help a lot thanks:)

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  • I don't know... I think she would want somebody muscular given her own bodily condition. So, build more muscles and become sexier!!


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