I hate my step son

I hate my step son soo freaking much. I havent always felt this way though. I have been in my SS's life since he was 3. He is now 9. It wasn't until he started acting like his mother that I started feeling this way. He has made up horrible lies about me, one being I have hit him-never happened. He is the most two faced,ugly, fat, pathetic child I have ever met, and I'm not the only one who feels that way. My husband loves his child,of course, but I know he wishes he wouldn't have to deal with him. He is a wonderful father. But I now that he secretely wishes that sS wasn't his, bc the only reason he keeps trying is bc he feels that is what he is supposed to do. SS doesn't even want to come over. Why? Bc there are too many blacks around our house-his words not mine. I refuse to be around him anymore. Ever since I found out that he eavesdropped at our bedroom door while his father and I were having a private conversation about him, then ran and told his b**** of a mother, I'm done. I can't and will not worry about my private conversations being relayed to mega b****. I will not be uncomfortable in my own home. My husband can still see his son, I would never make my husband choose or make him stop seeing his son, but I will not be around sS. I will not risk losing my child bc of his lies. And SS's mother is just as bad. My husband left her bc she stabbed him, then threatened him if he told the truth. She physically and mentally abused him for years,and entrapped him to staying with her by getting pregnant. She also created a FB for my DH so she could see who would contact him. We have been together 7 years, and this b**** did the FB thing now. She has two kids by two different guys, and has had three divorces in less than seven years. She just recently had a domestic violence court date for beating her second husband. She goes out all the time dressed like a teenager, dates and brings guys around her children even though she isn't even divorced yet. SS has said he asked her to not date bc he wants it to be just him and her. She feeds sS triple big macs for snacks, then wonders why he is fat. I really wish they both would just disappear by moving to another state, or I wish we could move to another state but we don't have the money to do that. If sS didn't act just like his w****,b**** mother maybe I could actually like him, but he doesn't and I don't. Did I mention he is abusive to my baby, his sister?! Ya, he has hit her in the face before. I'm done with him and his mothers bull s***.

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