I'm a terrible person

I've done some really terrible things in my life. I'm not talking about average level douchebag stuff, I'm talking serious remorseless harm to people sort of thing. I didn't feel guilty about it until recently and then someone who really cared about me died and I got to thinking and realized what a horrible human being I am and now I don't know what to do.

I wish I could believe in a god, so I could try to repent and be absolved, but I just don't.

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  • If you can find God and that gives you hope and guidance great. But even if you don't you can try and make ammends to any you have hurt, if that is possible. Then just try and live as a better person from now on. Don't beat yourself up forever, move on

  • i've done some pretty sick s*** too, but i dont want to repent to a made up god, i rationalize that A-the people deserves what i did to them and B-it made me feel good to do whatever it was i did, so s**** it

  • Get the f*** over it

  • Hey, i know its hard because I have been in a similar situation. Im not going to force you or try and preach all this religious stuff to you, but it is better to have an open mind about things.
    Is there anyone that can help you physically? or what about spiritually?
    I totally agree with the comment above me. Take the time out, research if you have to but open your heart and mind to God. Read the bible or attend a church service just once. I guarantee if you attend a church service you will come out a whole new person. Its all about having faith. Its never to late. Never ever. Just try it, you will feel so much better about yourself

  • Hey I'm not sure exactly what it is that's stopping you from believing in God but what I do know is that there are many reasons this could be. Maybe you're confused because of the many lies that have been told about how and who God really is. Maybe it's because science has delivered a different explanation that they sell out as fact. Or maybe it's because you're scared that if you allowed yourself to believe in God then you would have to believe in the judgment of God as well. In any case, If you come to God with a truthful heart and ask him to change you through Jesus Christ, he will answer you and forgive you. You must first believe though because you can't call on someone you don't believe. God is something that can be experienced daily, if you open up your mind and choose to cancel out the lies of this world and just read the bible and talk to God inside.

  • Maybe you should go speak to a counsellor..

  • Oops, ^ was supposed to be a comment not in reply to what Anon had said

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