I dont want to let go

I met my boyfriend while out one night and obviously we hit it off immediatly. He was a true gentleman, always polite, never taking advantage, even asking for permission to hold me. He only kissed me on our third time out.

Right after he met me, he confessed to me that he had a child and that him and the mother dont get along. He said he felt he had to tell me since he didnt want to lie to me.

I went onto fb to search for his profile, even though he told me he deleted it. I just entered his surname in the search box and a picture of a baby popped up who had mutual friends with me.

After checking the profile status it seemed this person was married and i then checked the photos, at first thinking it was family of him, like a brother, since the guy looked alot like him. Looking further, i gathered that it was in fact him (tattoos) and then came across actual wedding pics.

now i've known he is married for some time (he' 23 and it seems they only got married because of the baby, since she got pregnant at 18.)

I never told him i knew and its getting harder and harder since i do not want to lose him since i really love him, but i know i should confront him...

i confess that i am too much of a coward to say anything since i'm happy for the first time in my life...

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  • These questions will cause a strain on your relationship if they're not answered. There must be other signs that you would notice if he is married..have you ever been to his place? does he spend the night? how much time does he actually spend with you? Have you met his family or mutual friend? He said that he and his baby mama don't get along, doesn't mean they're not married. It is possible that they are separated, but why wouldn't he tell you that as well.

    Confront him. You deserve to have a man who is who he says he is. And if you even want a future with this guy..you have to know. Otherwise, you just put your life on hold dating a guy who is not really available.

    You have to put yourself first here. Don't be afraid..

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