I'm so done

Alright guy.. Here it is.

How can you say that after spending basically a full year together all the time and say we aren't "best friends." I was there for you every time you called or texted me. I was when others weren't. I'm at every show you preform at. After me legit running my life down in general and with work.. not to mention you treat me like s*** at work.. You have the nerve to straight up tell me that you don't consider me a close friend. Shut the F*** up! You f****** took advantage of me and my kindness.

But that's my own weakness too so I can't blame you. It's my own fault for letting it get to that point. I had feelings for you and you took that and loved every minute of it but not for the right reasons. You loved it cause I was always around when your other people weren't. Well f*** that s***. It's not happening anymore.

..This guy says I'm annoying and awkward and hes embarassed for me to meet his new friends... okay guy.

Well.. f*** that. He says were friends. just friends. but I'm thinking right now that I don't even wanna be friends. I take the word "friend" seriously and I treasure my friendships so much. So if I am in any which way "annoying" then we probably can't be friends.

Just sayin

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