First gay experience

I was about 15 years old when i had my first gay experience. I had just moved to the city and didnt know anybody. Until i moved in and met my neighbors. Months passed as nothing happened. Until one day im with my neighbor hanging out. He was passed out drunk so i decided to sleep over. He had a younger brother who was 17 turning at the time. Hes bisexual. So im in the room with my friend and his brother. I hear hes awake so i go for it and text him " suck me up..? " i start to get nervous as soon as i sent it. He responds seconds later saying "okay". Im really nervous becuz it was my first time with a guy. But he then whispers " come up here " so i climb up the bunk bed. Now we're in the same bed. Im shaking from how nervous i am. He asks if im okay i say yes, trying to pretend im cold. He then covers me with his blanket. Its silent for about a minute before he asks if he could see it. I say yes and he pulls my shorts n boxers down.. he then starts to stroke it saying it feels nice. I got a little bit less nervous and asked if i could see his. He said yes and i start to feel it n pull it out. Hes way bigger than me but i was only 15. Anyways, we're lying down just playing with eachother for about 30 mins. We stop after his brother almost woke up. We didnt make anything awkward after that but we didnt speak much to each other..

About 4 months later, nobody is home and so i invite him over.. we were just hanging out smoking, until then we went into my room and then he walks into my bathroom n texts me asking if he can actually suck my d*** this time.. i responded with yes. And he walked back into the room. Im laying down and he walks up to me and i pull my shorts down.. he then starts to stroke it making me hard he then puts my d*** in his mouth, it felt amazing. I was in his mouth for almost 20 minutes before i c**. He didnt wanna swallow so he let me c** on his chest. That was the second time but we've had plenty bump ins. I remember when he turned 18 he was scared of doing things with me becuz i was a minor but he didnt mind much after.


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  • I'm fifteen now and was a especially slutty boy bottom between twelve and fourteen. I didn't even use protection, I'd just let anyone f*** me. Now I've got a man friend that doesn't mind me going with other boys but says, "use protection and only do what you won't regret the next day!" He's so cool!

  • Very sexy. Very loving. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing this treat.

  • Treat? Only to sickos like you.

  • You should kill yourself for being a pervert.

  • Why are you even on this site, goddam homophobe???

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