I lied about who I was

A little bit ago, my self esteem was so low. I cried myself to sleep every single night, I just wanted to die. My family seemed abusive and I just wasn't happy at all. I started spending time reading, I spent my whole summer reading. Then, I got into tv, and watched it all the time. I got into walking, then, I got into computers. I was so scared to put my identity out there, so I chatted on omegle and pretended to be someone else. I told a fake age, name, and location, then, I started faking pictures. I signed up for a website and put up a fake picture. I was just so bored with my life and needed to find acceptance. I met a guy on there and we talk every day almost. I broke down and gave him my phone number. Rarely do we text but we still chat almost everyday. He thinks I'm 22, but I'm really sixteen. I've totally lied to this guy, but I really do feel like I love him. Typing this out, I sound silly, but I have genuine feelings for him. I just don't know how to tell him that I'm a fake. This has been going on with him for over a year.
I'm so scared that I'll lose him and my life will be as sad and depressed as it had been.


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  • Be careful with lying about your age. I had a woman, who I knew was young, say she was 24, but, in reality...17. Did meet her, and, while she didn't look 17, I knew she wasn't 24, either. Made her show me her driver's license, and saw her date of birth. Yep, 17. I had to leave before something bad happened.

  • You were never allowed to be yourself.All the bad people wanted You want to become some-thing or somebody that you are not.You should never let anybody control your life.You do that,and you will regret it for the rest of your life.Become yourself,and only yourself.Or you will destroy your self-image,And your Self-confidence,and your self-Esteem.save yourself,by remaining yourself.

  • I just feel like the computer is being a bad influence, and I need to cut it out of my life. I've done it before but he said he didn't want to be left behind. It's hard for me to hurt people, but right now I have to learn that I'm hurting myself keeping this lie up, hurting them more than if I told the truth.

  • First, stop wrapping your entire self esteem, self worth and happiness into someone else..even someone you've never met. You are perfect just the way you are. Someway you have to accept that and like yourself. Your feelings may be sincere for him, but he thinks you're someone you're not. You're also 16. Where do you think this lie can go? Tell him the truth and then cut the ties. He's most likely too old for you and chances are he's lying about something as well and he could be a dangerous predator. You'll be okay..but first you have to be honest with yourself and accept you for you. If you don't like something, improve yourself..but don't lie.

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