I've been catfishing this guy for 6 months

Ok my confession is that I have this 30 year old guy thinking I'm some hot 25 year old beautiful flight stewardess. We started chatting innocently enough and after a few weeks this guy tells me he thinks he's falling in love with me. We met on a social networking site. I had a fake profile and fake photo of this hot woman I found online, I think some overseas model. This guy started messaging me and I couldn't resist. I made everything up. The fun part is that I'm actually an 18 year old dude just getting a laugh. This pathetic loser thinks he's found the love of his life telling me all kinds of personal things about himself. Like how he was abused as a child, how we was constantly moved around and bullied and even hospitalized. It's all just hilarious actually. He's spilling his guts out to an 18 year old kid and I'm laughing my ass off at him. He's really just a lonely sad person who is stupid enough to buy my excused about why we can't have voice chats and stuff. I don't know how far I'm going to take this. H*** if I wanted to I could threaten the guy that I'm gonna publish all his personal s*** and blackmail him. That would be fun! This is what happens when you pour your heart out to strangers on the internet. LMAO

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  • You're a sick puppy! Did you really think we'd think that this was funny?

  • Yeah what a sad loser. I mean what kind of 18 year old boy doesn't have better things to do then chat to a 30 year old man whilst pretending to be a woman?

  • You are one sick SOB. Do the world a favor and slit your throat ear to ear.

  • Sick f*ck. Cleary you're the sad one in this situation. Just you go ahead and "blackmail" this poor guy. You're going to look like the piece of sh*t you already are. Go do something productive with your life...sad soul...should be left to the wolves.

  • I beg your having fun...,

  • You are a very sick f***. And karma is a horrid b****. You'll pay for this. And soon, you sick f***.

  • Oh, as if you are not talking dirty to him and masturbating furiously while you do so... why else would any 18 year old bother with such a charade?

  • Because it's funny. I wanted to see how far it would go. I do not m********* while talking to him. I just enjoy the thrill I get from seeing how far the poor sucker will go.

  • At 18, you're not a kid. You're an immature a******. But one of these days when you fall for some girl that you really like and she doesn't like you because she's looking for a man and you just act like a child. She'll be right.

  • Ask him for money

  • U have no life might even be in the closet hahah loser

  • Sounds like the loser is you. Only a 18 year old loser would take the time to correspond with someone for so long and constantly. Go find your life and leave this man alone...................LOSER!

  • Ohmygod that's so funny. You should get a female friend to talk to him on the phone.

  • If he had a female friend he probably wouldn't have time for stuff like this

  • Maybe you ought to pull the information and tell him the truth. Your wasting his time and even though he'll feel like a fool he can start over with a real woman.

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