I'm scared.

My two older sisters who I love very much and look up to, are "addicted" you could say, to marijuana. They just can't keep their hands off of it. And I'm so f****** scared I'm going to lose them because they act so careless when they do it. They thought I didn't know but I'm 14, not stupid. I just really worry about them..

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  • Don't worry about it. Several years ago, my hot older sister smoked weed like it was disappearing from earth. Smoked every day, usually 2-3 times. All it made her was more relaxed and sexual. I smoked with her a bunch of times.

  • Mexicans...

  • Dude, weed don't do s***. Its just a huge money waster. If they are doing their homework and stuff and nothing bad is coming of it then dont worry about it. Weed is not addictive, its the people who have addictive tenancies. That and there are more than one kind of addictions, chemical, habitual, mental and physical dependance also. You wont lose them to weed. If they start going into harder stuff then you should worry and tell someone.

  • Dont stress it. Weed is ok.

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