Guys can be so strange..

So there's this guy I was 'talking' to for a short time last summer. He ended up getting back together with his ex and we went separate ways. Just recently we became friends again and everything was fine for like two weeks. He's said to my one friend a few times that he wanted to be friends with benefits with me; but I decided he and I should just stick to friends and not go back to the physical thing, because all he thinks about are girls, haha. Then on his birthday he had a party and we ended up deciding on the friends with benefits thing after all. The day after that he started becoming distant and if anyone mentions him including me in plans he gets all defensive like saying 'it's not like she's my girlfriend.' I figure he needs space so I've only texted him like twice since that night, that was before I even knew that he was acting weird, and it's been like two weeks now. I mean, the night we were together I stressed the fact that I was happy we were FRIENDS and just FRIENDS who hooked up, I gave him no reason to believe I have feelings for him in anyway. So I don't get why he's being all weird. I'm just deciding to go for being strictly friends and nothing even physical to try to fix our friendship.

Jun 21, 2012

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  • Being friends with benefits is not really natural for humans...this guy is RESISTING his natural tendency to care for you, his lover...a real FWB person is lacking the love chip...he is not....and he is conflicted.

  • You sound kinda cute. Are you lacking the love chip?

  • Nope, I'm married.

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