I cheated on my boyfriend with a married man.
I know I should feel bad, but I don't. In fact, I can't help smiling. Having s** without romantic feelings involved is just so amazingly fun.

I think deep down I always wanted to be somebody's mistress.

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  • "Fun" is the key word here, and in your relationship. Let yourself enjoy it..............as frequently as you can.

  • i think its wonderful. you should be flatted that a man wants you bad enough to step outside of his marriage in order to be with you. what could be better?

  • S***!

    - Ms Polly

  • NOT a s***!!!!
    --- signed...NOT Ms Polly

  • I have encouraged my wife to have an affair...I can't make her happy for the last 12 yrs...I really just wish the b**** would just leave.

  • You're exeriencing just one of the many, many, many joys and thrills of infidelity, both in doing the cheating yourself, and in being with someone who leaves a spouse in order to be with you. You say you feel it deep down that you always wanted to be a mistress. I think that's true, and I think you always WILL be a mistress, before you become a wife.......and after. Always. It's really a beautiful thing, isn't it? Thanks for sharing the thought and the feeling.

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