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I share an office with this guy at work named Daniel. He's married and has a 2 year old kid who is just the cutest thing...he shows me pictures and videos all the time. We get along amazingly for spending 8 hours a day every day basically alone together, always talking and laughing about anything. He's really cute, sweet and FUNNY but the fact that he's married was always something that put up a wall in my mind to not think of him as any more than a friend. We were talking the other day about high school crushes and how intense they could feel. I told him about a guy I had really liked but was too nervous to talk to. He was like "How could you be nervous to talk to anyone? Weren't you as hot as you are now in high school?" I responded "You think I'm hot??" and he said that his biggest crush ever was me. I was totally thrown off. I started thinking about him differently and realized that I felt the same way about him. We work in an office that is totally private and separate from the rest of the departments that if we wanted to do anything during the day we could easily get away with it. I think I am going to make a move soon but I don't know what to say. I know all the pitfalls of getting involved with a married guy but I have to do this...any advice?

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  • Ya you dumb b****.. look into his kids eye while he cry's him self to sleep because his dad is not living at home anymore. you are a f*** piece of s***.

  • Don't do it.

  • Update from original poster:
    It has been over a year now and I noticed my post had a lot of views so I figured I'd update for anyone who was interested. For anyone thinking of getting involved with a married guy, just know it is really very difficult and requires a ton of emotional discipline. I know now that he will not leave his wife unless she kicks him out. It sucks so much since in another life we would be so happy together. We still fool around a LOT and it is so great, but it feels like I'm the outlet to his life and not really a part of it. I did crazy things like stop taking birth control for a couple months (we never use condoms) but then realized I was being crazy. I have written his wife so many draft emails then deleted them. I just came to accept that it is good s** with my best friend and that it is comfortable and fun for as long as it lasts. He still talks about what it will be like when we are together but I barely even hear him anymore. It is still fun, dangerous and exciting though and whatever he hardship it has been worth it. The feeling of being the other woman is sometimes so empowering, knowing that you are sexy enough to pull a guy away from everything he's like every time he gives you his s**** it is like he's giving you a piece of his soul. I'll try to update again if it makes sense. In the meantime, if there is anyone who is in a similar situation and just wants to ask about my experience, I'm happy to share my experience in this post.

  • I appreciate you posting this because I'm in a similar situation, but the emotional strain is so tough.

  • Obviously he's unhappy with his marriage that's the reason he likes to be with you and share his personal matters with you. Nobody has to be judged or blamed for simply like someone.
    By the way since when women and men share the same office?

  • Don't touch a man that as a family. It's hard enough as it is for him. Please find another man.

  • Come on, girl. That man has a family. A woman that bore his child, and a daughter that's obviously cute, smart and amazing.

    Stop being so selfish. This can't possibly end well. And you're bringing out the worst in one another, not the best. Just know that.

  • You are totally wrong. we have been together for 2 months now and things have been going AMAZING. The s** is so good because it feels so dangerous and he is so grateful to have a woman in his life who knows how to satisfy him sexually. his wife just pushes him around and wont even give him a b******.

  • So today was the perfect excuse - he told his wife our office was open on president's day and we met at my apartment. He was SO nervous. I have known him for a while but i have never seen him like this. He walked in with a brown paper bag with the box of condoms he had just bought really nervously at the CVS on my block. He would sit down and then stand up, then sit again. I noticed right away and asked if he was ok. He said he wasn't sure we should go through with it, that it felt so scary sneaking around like someone he knew would spot him or something. I made us coffee and put a bunch of rum in his (strongest thing i had) to calm him down a bit. It really helped immediately. He said he wanted to mess around but didn't want to commit to s**. We started to make out and feel each other up like we had in the office. It was so intense and passionate but every time i would try to take off his pants he would move my hands away. I figured he just needed a little encouragement so I moved away from him and slowly undressed to my underwear. He started fumbling with the condom box and his hands were literally shaking trying to put it on. I went over to him, took the condom out of his hand and told him that I wanted to feel him inside me, not latex. I got on top of him and he turned into another person. One minute he had me up against a wall, the next bent over the table, then on the couch and on the floor. It was unbelievable. He started to pull out when he felt close but i told him I was on birth control and not to stop. I know it is horrible but i am so turned on by the fact that even though he is home with his wife right now, I still have his sperm inside of me. I think I am really falling for him.

  • The words, Home Wrecking W****, come to mind.
    How could you do this?
    you knew he was married, had a child and yet you went out of your way , it seems to ruin a marriage. People like you disgust me.
    Why didn't you just arrange to move desk and get some distance at work at least. It's people like you who give female coworkers a bad name.

  • I wanna f*** you badly.What state are you in?

  • How horrible.. The man is married. I realize you can't help who you like, BUT you can control your impulses and have some morals. Women always b**** about men being cheating pigs, but there's always some side s**** there helping him achieve that status. Smh.

  • Damn....after that...I just want a pic.

  • Today was valentines day...he walked into the office with a HUGE bouquet of roses. I told him he must really love his wife, they looked so expensive and cumbersome to carry around all day. He told me he wasn't sure if the card he wrote was too cheesy and asked if I would read it and give him my thoughts. It was so sweet and funny and at the end it was addressed to me! He showed me the tiny box of chocolates he got for his wife and my roses were SO much nicer! I didn't know how to react so I gave him a long hug then kissed him. We were ALL over each other for like 20 minutes. I told him I had been thinking about him and he felt exactly the same. I told him I didn't want the first time we did it to be in the office so he's going to come up with an excuse to come over to my apartment. I did give him a b****** though. He went CRAZY. He said his wife never made him feel like that before. I HATE that she gets to go out to dinner with him tonight while I have to be alone thinking about what happened...

  • I posted the very first response to this confession..I am so happy to hear that you made such great progress in a matter of hours.Keep it up and enjoy whatever you can.I actually got h**** reading about your office encounter today.Don't think however that he is going to ditch his wife for you any time soon.Just enjoy the f*** and thanks for giving him a b******* and getting him hooked on you.You are very erotic and I wish u were mine:)He will be out with his wife while thinking about you the whole time. It seems like you sure had a Happy Valentine's Day. Good nite.

  • You gotta consider the pro and cons of this, yes you could be hooking up with this guy and it could be really good, on the other side, you would be "the other women" and if you can live with that fact, go ahead, just dont get too emotional because if you hook up with him but he still marries his fiance, your gonna have to get over that

  • ^ Aside from the moral thing that you should just find a single guy and make your life a whole lot less complicated. The bigger picture is that you work with him closely and the job market sucks right now. And not everyone who enters into an affair can deal with the fallout maturely. So if it doesn't go your way... you make a move and he turns you down. You will have to continue to work with him in a hugely uncomfortable setting that you created. Or it does escalate to that point and you do sleep with him, and you want more..and he is married and will not leave his wife for you. Or reverse..s** is BAD and now you still have to work with him and have to deal with unwanted advances. Sometimes you can't take things back....

  • Don't.

  • Just wear a short skirt and some thongs,sit carelessly talking to him,he will get hard and want to do you right there..if he does,order him to get down on his knees while u are in the chair and ask him to suck your p**** and give u one o***** after another till you c*** c** no more. Then ask him to go to your place after work and you f*** him someday.Make sure to use a condom so he does not knock you up,you sound so hot and fertile.I love it when a woman makes a move on me.
    Better yet,what would you like him to do to you,where and how?

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