My new girlfriend's 6 year-old son likes to torture and kill animals

My new girlfriend's 6 year-old son is a sicko. I caught him trying to torch a cat. He poured lighter fluid on it and lit a match and part of the cat caught on fire and it ran away. It's probably f****** dead.

My girlfriend laughed about it when I told her. Can you imagine that s***? She thinks it's just a phase her kid is going through and said he does that s*** all the time and he will get over it when he gets older.

I don't think so. I think her f****** sick b****** of a kid is a serial killer in the making. Worse than that my new girlfriend says she was just like that when she was her son's age. As you may have guessed when I spend the night at my girlfriend's house I sleep with one eye open. She's probably a f****** psycho ax murderer. I gotta get out of this f***** up relationship.

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  • I dont believe got a second a 6 year old even knows what lighter fluid is never mind be able to pour it on a cat without it noticing and then be able to use a lighter

  • Ha ha....tell the kid in private, the next time you torture a poor defenseless animal, I am going to set you on fire! That should scare the little f***** straight.

  • Report her and get the f*** away from her. Maybe reconsider your choice of dating partners in the future while you're at it.

  • Leave this woman immediately. Your girlfriend is delusional. What her child is doing is not funny, it's not a phase. That kid is a sociopath. She's raising a future serial killer. Call CPS and report what's going on.

  • Heed EVERY word of this comment: this is the correct advice, it's the correct answer, and it is the best available approach.


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