My new girlfriend's 6 year-old son likes to torture and kill animals

My new girlfriend's 6 year-old son is a sicko. I caught him trying to torch a cat. He poured lighter fluid on it and lit a match and part of the cat caught on fire and it ran away. It's probably f****** dead.

My girlfriend laughed about it when I told her. Can you imagine that s***? She thinks it's just a phase her kid is going through and said he does that s*** all the time and he will get over it when he gets older.

I don't think so. I think her f****** sick b****** of a kid is a serial killer in the making. Worse than that my new girlfriend says she was just like that when she was her son's age. As you may have guessed when I spend the night at my girlfriend's house I sleep with one eye open. She's probably a f****** psycho ax murderer. I gotta get out of this f***** up relationship.

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  • I dont believe got a second a 6 year old even knows what lighter fluid is never mind be able to pour it on a cat without it noticing and then be able to use a lighter

  • Children are stupid, but at the same time cunning. They can't comprehend things like sweeping a floor or picking up their shoes because they don't care about that kind of thing. Psychos like to inflict harm, so that childlike stupidity vanishes in a minute when it comes to that. Kids can be wily as f***, but only when they want to be. Autards play this game all. the. time and people let them get away with it because they supposedly don't know any better, but when was the last time an autard made a practice of attacking someone they knew would murder them if they tried?

  • Ha ha....tell the kid in private, the next time you torture a poor defenseless animal, I am going to set you on fire! That should scare the little f***** straight.

  • Have lighter fluid in one hand and a lit match in the other while saying this. Small children are dumb and don't go in for abstract thought, and mini-psychos need the s*** scared out of them on an hourly basis.

  • Report her and get the f*** away from her. Maybe reconsider your choice of dating partners in the future while you're at it.

  • Leave this woman immediately. Your girlfriend is delusional. What her child is doing is not funny, it's not a phase. That kid is a sociopath. She's raising a future serial killer. Call CPS and report what's going on.

  • Heed EVERY word of this comment: this is the correct advice, it's the correct answer, and it is the best available approach.


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