Dreams about my crush

There is this girl that i really liked (i will call her C) but then she started going out with one of my friends (i will call him G). I was really happy (and a little jealous) for G and kinda lost feelings for C, even tho C and i talk over text and the phone often. I soon realized how much of a wonderful friend C is. But recently i started having dreams about her. First i dreamed that somehow my other lady friend got me and C together... I was confuzed. A couple days later i dreamed that C and G were getting married and i was kinda sad and yet happy for them. And then last night i had a dream that i took C out and then we were dating... I was really happy.
Im kind of confuzed that all of these dreams are happening. If anyone has any advice for me or can make sense of them, i greatly appreciate it!

PS: i rarely have dreams about anything. Also C and G are going to be Freashman and im going to be an eighthgrader.

Jun 25, 2012

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  • So you're still in middle school then. If they are going to be freshmen, they still have 4 years to go in their relationship. High school causes a lot of problems in relationships and it's very rare that a relationship that starts in freshman or 8th grade year lasts till or after graduation. Everyone at some point has dreams about their crush. Maybe one day you'll find someone perfect for you. Someone you will love to dream about and want to be with you as well. You are very young and you have a long way to go. I met my current bf right after I graduated high school and his personality fits mine perfectly. I've had several boyfriends in high school and each one of them failed. The one that eventually did work I met completelt by accident. I hope you the best in your life and your high school life. Also a little advice, don't have s** too early, even if you have friends that pressure you, you will regret it or your partner will regret it when you get one.

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