Wandering eye

I hate my wandering eye.
I don't live with my boyfriend at the moment because I'm working out of town, but the guys I see here make me want to cheat so bad.

One guy I saw tonight at a club and he was sooo cute, but ultimately unavailable (thank goodness). If he turned out to be single I would have jumped on that, and regretted every moment. Why do I feel this way? I have the best relationship. I just can't stop looking at other guys... I wish I was a better person to my boyfriend.

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  • You have a need to feel desired and chased after, so look for potential new men. My ex's boss/manager was like that, and, she was a cute, beautiful blonde with killer eyes and a beaming smile. She just enjoyed luring guys in and feeling desired. Told me that a few times, actually, and, she was married.

    I used to work with a woman, Cindy, who was also like that, but, it was ok b/c she wasn't married. Showed up at my old apartment one night after a concert, dressed only in a concert t-shirt and underwear. We worked well together and were friends, but that night, told me she was "in need of a man", so had her female friend drop her off. She saw me as the sure thing that night. Which, fine..I was.

  • i agree with the other woman: you should be taking total advantage of being away from your man. You need to play. So go play.

  • you will never ever have a better opportunity to play than while you're working out of town. seriously honey....you should be out in the bars every frickin night. even if you don't hook up with somebody on a given night your presence will let the men know you're out, you're hot, you're ready, you're willing, and you're good to go. if you don't take advantage of your situation, you're going to look back on the time you were away from the b-f with regret that you didn't "jump on that" every chance you got. don't let that happen: get with all the guys you want.....even letting them tagteam you if you're in the mood for more than one at a time. you want to be a bad girl and you're going to love it when you are, and there's no better place to be a bad girl than that place they call "out of town". gogitchasumbaby.

  • Where exactly are you? I will f*** you and you don't have to feel guilty because I am married with four kids and will f*** my wife up if she has anything to say about it.

  • If you have the urge to cheat, it's because something significant is missing in that relationship you say is "the best relationship": those two ideas can't be fit together. The obvious (but not the only) answer is that you're not getting enough of, or the type of, s** that you want with your boyfriend, and so you go out hunting. Another possibility is that s** is simply the path you take to find something else that's missing at home. I'm not generally inclined to recommend therapy, because most people go into it with unrealistic expectations and so they come out of it with nothing, but it might be good for you in this situation, if only to identify what it is that's missing with your boyfriend, so you can either (1) talk to him about generating whatever-it-is between the two of you, or (2) finding it with another man.

    Lastly, you should stop feeling guilty about wanting what you want. You're human, you're sexual, and you're entitled, as long as you're either entirely open or entirely discreet. Quit beating yourself up. Enjoy your life, and enjoy your sexuality.

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