How do I put this....

Last week, I was talking to this friend from my university, and she kept asking on and on about why I didn't have a boyfriend. She wanted to set me up on a date with a friend of hers, but when I told her that I didn't like guys my age, she just gave me this weird look, as if I wanted to f*** grandpas or such. I'm 20 and I told her that I feel more attracted towards guys in their 30s, and she stared blank at me. The truth is, I feel attracted towards men in their 40s, but I couldn't tell her that, because if she couldn't take 30s, I don't know what she'd do if I told her that I like men much older than me. Not a big secret at all, but I didn't know how to tell her.

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  • Don't tell her..
    It could be a phase, it could be who you are.. There's nothing wrong with you..

    Either way it's got f*** all to do with her..

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