Don't text, FB or call and confess when drinking

I'm middle aged now. I grew up and was close to a friends mom that I've known all my life, She was definitely was a fun and h**** mom and I have always had a thing for her to this day. I have been seeing her almost daily as she is really good friends with my wife.

It's been building up for a long time and after one to many drinks I decided in my Einstein drunken stupor to give her a call and test the waters by confessing I'm attracted to her. So I got her on the phone and in a short told talking about the past told her I was attracted to her. Without pause she said "I know."

I went on to tell her I was still attracted to her. Once again without pause she said "I know that." She mentioned a friend of mine also is was and is attracted to her as well. That took me by big surprise as I thought I would have known but I knew she was telling me straight.

She in her way let me down easy by talking about my wife and how much she means to her. After hanging up even in my ignorant state was so embarrassed and knew it would be worse when she comes in my office the next day to see my wife. Yup sure was and still is.

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  • I don't think that it is that unusual for people to be attracted to a friend's parents, especially males to a friend's mother. Moms are curvy, sexy, and adult right at the time the male hormones start raging. I think she knows that it was just a crush. It's a little odd that you still feel strongly towards her, but I wouldn't beat yourself up. Hopefully she took it easy on you too. You didn't do anything wrong, though I can see how it is a bit embarrassing.

  • Agreed...I think we all do it, but use bad judgement when we do. I was out one night, talking to friend of mine about my hot, actually, god-given gorgeous friend, Denise (name change) and ended up texting her most of the night, first joking around like we always do, but then telling her I wanted her, looked down her shirt when she was playing with my dog on the floor at my house, wanted to throw her onto my pool table and rock the red out of her hair..Being, if I may..Pretty inappropriate.

    Lucky for me, she knew what night I went out, and was likely in the bag or drunk, so she let it go. Did tell me, in joking "So, you want to do what to the red in my hair?".

    Another time, I texted my former business associate and good, female friend, who I hadn't talked to since a falling out we had, and told her my "real views" on her..Great ass in jeans, she's pretty but people see her as a cutesy s***, women talk behind her back, I knew about the married insurance guy she'd f***** and let spank her,and, the times she got changed in my car as I sat and watched, she was lucky I didn't jump on her. Really went off on her that night. She only responded with several F-You's, and that knew I wanted her ass, which I'd never get.

  • Ouch! Sorry you had to learn that lesson in such a painful way!!

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