Downlow men who don't want to be labeled homosexual

Firstly, I'm female, and I thought my guy friend was on the downlow gay, but he said he was not and that I was "labeling" him. In other words, I took that as him still being attracted men. My question is, do straight men who are not attracted to other men against being labeled straight? I need to know this for the dating scene as well, because I've come across to many downlow men.

Oct 27, 2016

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  • That's disgusting. I'd say if the guy isn't up front about his preferences he's not being fair to you and if he's hiding it he's probably gay. I would never want to be with a bisexual man, that is so gross to me. My opinion.

  • Down low men are gay or bi period.....

  • a nutshell.......A man who desires other men sexually and who does so on a continuous basis are not even close to being "straight". I'm a scrappy, masculine, country fella who prefers to keep what I do with the various parts of my body out of the limelight. HOWEVER, I don't do what these so called straight guys usually do by showing ridiculous care in hiding my sexuality from the world. You see, that's simply a matter of being man enough to own who I am, brave enough to not care what others think, and scrappy enough that no one normally says much about me in this lil hole in the wall centered in tornado alley. Fyi, if a fella jumps through seemingly endless loops to hide his sexual orientation, he's more q**** than not and you can find someone more mature. Fact is that many of these guys spend more time trolling for the D on the DL than on any other aspect of their lives. You could find someone with intestinal fortitude who isn't consumed by insecurity at a level causing shady ridiculousness and an unfortunate lack of concern for anything/anybody else.

  • I think most men who are straight label themselves as straight so calling them anything else might be taken as insulting. You have a right to know what a potential partner is into for your own health and safety. Just as you wouldn't want your boyfriend messing with another woman you don't want him messing with other men either.

  • Why does your friends sexuality concern you? If i had to check a box it would be straight. However I do find transexuals attractive. But the thought of kissing a guys grosses me out. However if he was femenine and the timing is tight. I would bot toss the idea of blowing each other. I never did that and dont plan to. I can imagine doin it. So its not as easy to choose a label. Who said a person needs to.

  • Sometimes, it's not as straight forward as that. For years when I filled out "equal opportunity forms for work as a prerequisite, it would state what sexuality I was. I'd aways tick the box for heterosexual. But to be honest, as years went by, I questioned myself why. I'm not hetero, I'm not a lesbian, I'm not bi and I'm not transgender. I'm attracted to a people with beautiful souls, not because of their gender. They don't have a tick box for that. But I'm aware, I would be deemed as" Pansexual" However, why must there be labels to define a persons sexuality? there shouldn't be, because sometimes, it's not easy to define. We feel what we feel, whenever we feel it and with whomever we feel it for. Hope this helped.

  • It did not help, but thank you. I've never heard of jobs requiring that a person provide their sexuality.

    There's nothing wrong with labels, treating people badly due to ignorance is the issue. Labels help immensely and are needed to help determine what a person is into. I don't want a man who is sexually fluid or in denial about being attracted to other men. The women who are unaware that their husbands (or person they're dating) are sexing other men would have greatly appreciated knowing what those men were into from the beginning instead of the men skirting around the subject with deceiving descriptions of their sexuality.

  • Labels are unnecessary and they reinforce prejudice, sometimes.
    If you're dating someone for example, who is bi or gender fluid, it's inconsequential. Would you stop dating them, because of it? Would you not date them to begin with, because of this? If yes, perhaps you're ignorant and shallow minded!

    Don't presume anything, have an open-mind. Feelings should take precedence, not ignorance:)

  • I respect your opinion, but don't fully agree with it.
    I'm from the UK. So when applying for a job, it's mandatory to complete a equal opportunities questionnaire. Thank you for you replying back and good luck with your friend :-) Peace and one love x

  • Maybe you can just ask what they are into...especially if it's not obvious and you don't want to assume. Just ask who they are hoping to meet? Hopefully that will give you an answer.

  • You are so right. Although it's so difficult and I've come across so many men who are on the downlow, I should not assume.

  • I don't think your question is grammatically correct.

    I think there is a bit of a reluctance to generalise or label people.

  • The question is grammatically correct

  • Oops, I meant "...are straight men who are not attracted to other men against being labeled straight? "

  • The only ones reluctant to generalize or label people are the ones who are sexually fluid

  • And if your "OPINION" is factual, is there anything wrong with being sexually fluid?
    One box doesn't always, fit all.

    A person can't be compartmentalised, into the governments constraints and some societies' ideologies, we're people and much more complex, than done people realise!

  • Not necessarily!! Have you encountered, every single person on earth whose sexually fluid? I think not! So your generalisation is inaccurate :)

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