It's complicated, but I don't understand why

ok so i started dating this girl a grade behind me at school. we had been dating like almost 3 months and then school ended. there was this big swim party at someones house and so i took my gf. while we were there her little sister came. she goes to another school than us.i hadnt never met her before.she got drunk and my gf askedme to take her home so i did. and while we were driving she started to flirt with me.when we got to their house i walkedher inside cuz she was not walking good.when i leve she starts kssiing me and i cant help it so i kiss her back. the parents arent there so we hooked up and it was the most amazing s** ever. i told her i wanted to start dating her instead but she says no we can hook up but i should keep dating my gf. the little sister gets off on me cheating on my gf! all i want is to be with the little sister but she wont do that right now. she says eventually she will date me but her parents says she too young to have bf so all we can do is hook up in secret. i dont want my gf anymore all i can think about is her sister. this is too weird.

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  • Bish wat???

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