I love to cry.

For some reason, I have really sensitive tearducts and I cry over everything. I don't like it when people see me cry cause I've got that tuff girl look going on and I'm an ugly crier. But when I'm alone I like to cry for no reason at all. I don't like being sad or depressed or anything like that, I just like crying and letting my mind go blank. I usually cry to music I like.

Aug 2, 2011

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  • Oh wow. I thought I was the only one who did this! But yeah, I do the same thing. For me it just feels good to cry, so I will make myself cry for no reason. I do admit it is a little weird, but at least you're not alone because I do it to!

  • Cry me a f****** river. Seriously, do it NOW!

  • that's mean shut the h*** up.

  • OP's a tuff girl, she can take it

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