Something to get off my chest

Well when I was 14 (of which I'm 16 now) I had taken a few of my little sisters teddies cut holes in them and proceed to ... Well violate them ... Sexually.

My mom later found the teddies stashed in my room while she was getting something off the top of my wardrobe luckily for me she thought that I had cut up the teddies to p*** off my little sister

But the only reason I did it is because ... You know teenage hormones raging and stuff

So that's just something I wanted to get off my chest and I have stopped it and stuff so yeah hate me if you want and try shove your christian beliefs

But whatever man whatever

Jul 1, 2012

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  • Did this to hot older sister's robe, shorts, and some shirts. Cut the robe upwards several times until it showed most of her thighs and fell just below her ass. Shorts, I cut a slit up both sides, so they'd show off more of her legs and ass. Shirts, I'd either remove top buttons, or stretch out the tops of cottons shirts so she'd practically be falling out of them. Also provided easier access when she slept, so it worked all-around. Favorite was a green and white-striped half shirt that I cut so short, following the lines, it barely covered the bottom of her bulging t***. She wore that a lot, too.

  • You don't have a hot older sister, just a diseased brain and a keyboard

  • Not a bad idea man...

  • why the f*** did I never think of that?

  • Lol thats so funny x)! I literally did laugh out loud, made my night xD

  • Just finished tracing your IP, better start hiding.

  • Pfft im a better hacker than you tracking ip does take a sweat get their source feed track it using CMD or even a website and there you go enter it on google maps and your done I can also hack Fb and meal takes me one hour though

    that's funny.

  • im christian and i think its just teen chiz at that point in your tn yrs . btw lol , l****

  • Lmao, thats pretty funny. If someone told me that, I would't think it would be like " Ey man, your nasty" More like "LOL" and I would hint about it here and there lol That's pretty funny lol

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