Recently came out as bi

I'm bi curious.... i really want to try stuff with a guy... i confessed this to my wife and she says she's fine with it.... but asked me if i could make due with a toy.... she doesnt want to bring anyone else is... but she was fine with us having a threesome(all stuff done to her... no bi actions) before i told her... kinda feels like a double standard... its ok when its you.. but when i want to bring someone in its not... really bothering me

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  • Id love to see my hubby f*** another man and them make him suck his s**** covered c***

  • The difference is she doesn't have a problem with heterosexual and does with h***... nothing wrong with that... she is what is called normal. Besides the AIDS association, some people are turned off by the thought of gay s** and that is just fine.

    I am in the same exact boat but I sure as heck am not going to hold it against my wife for being normal.

  • Its common to see a man letting his friend f*** his wife buy not so with wife and friend with the man it is a double standard she can be trusted he cant

  • She obviously can't bring herself to watch it. It'll hurt her way too much and that's why she won't let it happen. It's she loves you way too much and the jealousy would rip her apart

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