Dying on the Inside... every Day... every Hour

Well I used to be immensely in love with this girl.. and I still am. She is the most amazing person I have ever met and ever will. We used to hang around as friends...
Whenever I am around her I am the happiest person on Earth. And whenever I am not around her I feel sick n sad n depressed n miss her like anything. I want to be around her all the time. I feel so happy, light , cheerful. She is always so joyful... brightening the day, nourishing the smile! But alas... those good days were short lived!

I want those happy days back....
the first love ... the cute winter with its unique fragrance... the early morning mist... the late evening chill... hanging out together, holding hands, enjoying chocolate.., the sweet perfume,... colourful new clothes... and the shivery late night chats!!!! And the way she used to talk. O I could just swoon over it.

But alas! She has drifted apart. I miss her like h***. I find it impossibly difficult to move on. I find it difficult to breathe. I find it difficult to eat. I cant think of anything except her... morning day and nite. and feel low n frustrated n depressed all the time... I feel a huge block of stone weighing down my heart... all the time...

... and i feel like every day, every hour, every minute, every second I am dying on the inside... little by little.
I hav lost my excitement, playfulness, my "cute" smile, my motivation to work, my desire to live....
Every second is snatching away a bit of my soul....

Maybe someday soon a little fairy will come and plant a kiss on my cheek while I lie still asleep and then my soul will fly off with her while my body will remain behind under peace and calm of this earth... yet with tearful eyes, unkissed lips, unloved heart...

I wish that day would come someday soon...

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  • Life does go on. I had a relationship with someone that started out with us becoming very close friends, very quickly. We went from talking every day and spending a lot of time together to being in a relationship. When it ended I was depressed for months.

    It took me a good three years to move past her. I met a lot of women and dated a lot. But, I never met anyone that made me forget about her. Then I did meet someone and though different, we had an immediate connection.
    You can never tell how life turns out.

  • she would have made you miserable...move on

  • I know exactly how you feel. Try this site for help:


  • Thanks a lot for sharing this information!

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