I wish I didn't have to hide my

I wish I didn't have to hide my sexuality for my safety. I wish I could just ask the one person in the world that I've ever loved if he wants to go on a date without fear of being punched in the face.

When will people understand that I am not some sort of specimin to be gawked at?
Just because I'm gay does not mean that I am any different to anyone else.
I just prefer males over females.

I want to come out and tell everyone and give people the courage to come out as well, but, I am worried.

A lot of my friends know about me being gay, but, I want to announce it because when a boy did that at my old school it gave me the courage to tell one girl, then 10 girls then all my friends.

I don't know.

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  • Please stay strong, and don't let these arrogant picks hurt you. I dumped my first boyfriend because he was trying to bully my little gay brother. I f****** punched him in the face and gave him a b***** nose:). There are always going be people who love you

  • I view gays the same a pedos. They just like s** in a different way than the norm. I like men more than women, except for s**. That grosses me out. But hey if you like it then fine. Just don't go asking for special rights. I mean look at it this way. How about in 30 years pedophilia is normalized like homosexuality is now. Do your thing, just don't try and make me think that it is normal. It is not. It is like trying to s**** a bolt into a bolt. Duh

  • my best friend was gay, i say was because eventually it drove him to suicide, he couldn't take the bullying.
    DIN'T let that happen to you, remember there are people who love you, people who want you to be happy.
    You will alway find people who accept and understand you.
    Evertime i see a gay/lesbian couple i smile because i think of Sam and the good times he had with his boyfriend.

    People wou can't accept you deserve to die long slow painful deaths,
    you are perfect
    You are normal
    You are NOT the one with the problem.

    Keep smiling sugar

    -- E

  • Normal is overrated, honey. Just be you, and forget the rest.

    God? Your relationship with whatever god you have is between you and that god. All these Christian conservatives telling you you'll burn in h*** should stop and think: God loves all his children. And God, in his wisdom, made you GAY.

    Relish what you are. Live it and love it, and if people look at you funny - blow 'em a kiss!

  • it's so funny to me how people want to make homosexuality normal. Don't you homos understand that you are not normal and never will be as long as you are gay/lesbians. I mean because it's sexual and Biblical and contributes to the spread of STD's people make such a bigger deal out of it, but really it's the same as being a celebrity. Celebrities want to live normal lives and stuff but there not normal people. Sure they're human but clearly not normal because they're problems are on a much larger scale than everybody else. Same with the homos. Gays are not normal. They don't have normal affection and therefore will never be treated normal period. No matter how much you try it's not going to be widely accepted. At best it will join racism and go underground. It will become less openly bashed and more so through money and power, the same course racism has taken. But just as racist, homosexuals will burn just like the rest of the sinners come judgement day.

  • Nothing wrong with being gay, just with being a weirdo. Why can't gay guys just be normal and gay, instead of mincing and gay, it's gross and off-putting.

  • I'm not going to college.
    I live in Australia.

  • I don't mind if you or anyone is gay. But the most important thing is that you practice safe s**. The truth is (although this is not politically correct) that gay males harbor and spread STDs way more than any other group based on gender and sexual orientation. As for what to do, well, if you're in high school, just keep quiet. In fact, all high schoolers should stay away from s**. When in college, find your safe group and be yourself. Safely.

  • Ignore that last commentor. He's an ignorant a******. Studies show people with narrow-minded views like him also have significantly lower IQ's.

  • No you are different your gay. If you were the same they would call you straight like everyone else. Besides if they do whip your gay a$$ it will be what you deserve.

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