Live by the bottle, die by the bottle

I wish my ex girlfriend was dead.
Mainly for the fact she is an alcoholic and is killing herself.
I think i have too much pride to ever beg her to stop on my hands and knees, and i have this weird feeling that that is what she is waiting for.
I've been there for her through thick and thin. I took her to her first AA meeting, never abused her trust.
Her mother died of cancer but apparently she has always hated life really and wishes she was dead sometimes.
The fact she still has a dad and a sister (and me i guess), i find it really f****** selfish that she can't be strong for them, and herself more than anything. I try to get her to imagine how her dad would feel losing a daughter after losing a wife but it doesnt sink into her head.
I keep going round to see her every so often when she calls to check shes ok and she never changes.
She is on meds for depression etc now and starts a detox programme in 3 months (if she is alive then) and she is the sort to still be in bed crying and feeling sorry for herself when something important like that comes up.
It feels like she is being deliberately stubborn and I do feel like smacking her round the face but i doubt it would help. Her new phrase these last few days has been "have one of my diazi's and chill out" when i get p***** off at her. she wont go speak to a professional no matter how much i go on at her.
I cant focus on my work when she gets into my head. It destroys your life when someone you love or care about is killing themself on the bottle.
Had to get this off my chest. Im sure there are many details i have missed but whatever. Maybe someone can relate to this. over and out.


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  • Ignore that person. Be there. COmfort her. Take her out. Ask for help from her closest friends who are loyal and good and NOT alcoholics. And, man? This won't work forever. Only one thing will work and you need to promise me that you WILL do it. I promise. Be sincere and it will most likely 'work' but sometimes, the answer is no. But read the Bible. Read it all the way through. Pray to God. Show it to you ex and help her read it and pray with her and go to church and get counseling bibically. Change your life to fit how God wants it and it WILL improve drastically.

    But remember, keep it up. You cant do it and then ditch. Ever heard of Lee Strobel? Read the case for faith and the case for christ.

    I promise it wil help. I guarentee it

  • Well, u cant help someone who doesn't want to be helped. seems she might have to face her demons alone.

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