If you are a woman I will pursue you

When I articulate my behavior I can see it as wrong. When I live my life I see that behavior as perfect. I suppose you could say I am a womanizer. I see a woman as a conquest. The more unobtainable a woman may seem the more committed I become to possessing her. I do this and move on to the next woman. There is no type. They are sometimes overweight, sometimes skinny, sometimes beautiful and sometimes not. But I do see them at least initially as incredibly desirable. Yes, it's about s** but much more. I want to please them. I want them to remember me for my lovemaking skills. If they end up hating me I am OK with that as long as they remembered how much pleasure I brought them. It's also about using my interpersonal skills to get them to sleep with me. I don't care if they are single or married, if I want them I pursue them. I prove myself with each successful encounter. I am in my late 30s and this is all I have ever known as an adult. I will never marry. I could never pledge fidelity to a woman. I will move on. Soon to you. Am I so bad?

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  • I'm a girl and I'm a lot like that. I think part of the reason is you're afraid of being alone. If you were in a relationship with one person they could not be with you all the time. you might not address the feeling you felt as loneliness at the time, but that's what it would be. So you'd go find someone who could fill that void. At least, I know this is the case for me. Even though I know this is the problem I always fall right back into it.

  • Yep, not being alone is a big motivator for me. When I am alone I feel ALL alone. I see other people with love in their lives and I am jealous. I turn up my game and start sizing up my next pursuits. Proving I am alone by my own choosing brings satisfaction but ultimately I am still alone. I read what I just wrote and it seems like bullshit. It is bullshit. I am pursuing you. I can't help myself.

  • It's almost like something is missing at the very core of you. Like someone didn't love you enough, so you are constantly searching. Men show their love through s**. You say you'd be okay with a woman hating you as long as they remember your lovemaking skills. It depends on what's the last impression you leave them with.. you may just be remembered as that a******. Hopefully there's more to you than just that..but At least you're honest about what you're after. So you like the chase.. maybe at some point the chase will get old, you lose your appeal, they lose theirs or you come to the realization that you just want something more. Who knows..

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