Crush on a video game character?

No matter how weird it is I will always have the biggest crush on Link from the Zelda video game series. Sometimes I play just to check him out. I'm pretty sure it's wrong but I would have s** with any guy who dressed up as and actually looked like Link on the spot.

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  • Sometimes you got to be kind to be cruel. like they say about the opposite too. because some day soon I hope meghan markle and her sort of female are so loved up and sexed out and lusted after and envied and rich and see so much suffering and pain around them it near kills them. that goes for all of dat royals in uk especially. I just live for that. I live for seeing others who are so rich and so sexed up and loved out that it wears them out. let them hate everything that they desired and wanted. give in and give them the most miniscule and mediocre thing when they say "I wish I was more like..." or whatever, and one b****** I would love see on his face is that Barry Obama, Bracass Buttbuma! himself that thing made me sick when he pulled the finger and farted out that punch line- "be careful what you wish for you might get it" do it back to those dirty bastards. I believe people when they say that fuckturd took money from the small business rich, not the big business rich and now its f***** up the middle class to poverty class and all the richies and poor are rich now, well let them feel how it feels then. give in and let them feel that pain with the happiness and slowly take it from them and then play that song to them everywhere "didn't we almost have it all!" like they did to us. can't wait to see kate and megs and that queen sad before she dies. see how the envious haters like being envied and hated. kate said she was bullied and that explains how she got there and is a bully herself just like mugup and I want as much s*** out on that doria. please excuse me for not calling that dirty prison p*** "grace"!

  • That's alright. I have a crush on Medli from Wind Waker, and Malon from Ocarina of Time.

  • That's charming, you should start visiting those cosplay events.

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