I feel so but i mean so bad.

I.. feel so bad.. i feel like i want to go away.. like i'm living in h***.. so much yelling.. and discussions in my house... I ask myself when will this end? When.. i don't get it. why do i have to live this ? like,it hurts.. it hurts so bad.. i want to scream so bad right now.. like i feel so alone too. i just wanna go away.. like far,far away. I don't care anymore if i dissapear or whatever.. i don't care. i just want to go,to a place where there's no one,somewhere on this earth where there's no one. I want to cry so much. but i'm holding it all in.

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  • Life is hard and cruel but you have to remember that nomatter what, you'll always find a friend somewhere. I no a girl who feels the same as you. She never cried and always self harmed. Now she's improved loads with help from this guy she met and now there like bff. she told me once that she wanted to just die and get it over with but now she's loving and living freely. My point is that no matter how hard it is you just have to keep fighting. You will be happy someday you just have to stay strong enough until that day comes :) I hope I've helped in someday and if you ever need a person to talk to just I dunno, email me I guess if ubjustvwant someone to chat with,
    My emails Jamie.d.gledhill@hotmail.co.uk

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