I really don't know what to do now.

I'm a single young latina I'm the youngest of 4, 2bro 1sis one night we were celebrating my mother's b day it was a great night almost every one got drunk that night specially my sister she's 25 her bf is 28 after 5am every one were sleeping i went to the bathroom after i finish using the bathroom i open the door and saw a light in out guess room that was in front of my room, i went to see what it was and it was my sister bf watching p*** on he's phone i said what you doing up this late he said come sit here i couldn't sleep i walk in front of him and saw he was masturbating his self. I was like omg he told I'm sorry but your sister is to drunk to satisfy me, i wanted to walk away but i didn't he asked me would you help me i said how? He got up and make me touch hes hard d*** i was nervous first but it was big and i liked them he pushed me down to make me suck his d*** i did it he was soo turn on by that and came all over my face. He told it has to be our secret. Now i really don't know what to do, tell my sister the true or just do what i really wanna do with him.?

What do you think i should do?

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  • =^_^= <(fake as f**k, Bahahaha)

  • Well he's a d********* for forcing you. But for you to betray your sister too in thinking you would go after him..then you'll be a d********* as well. Or maybe you already are one. You should have walked away and said No. Why can't you find your own man? You'll be sisters longer than this bf will be in her life, is it really worth it?

  • You are right thank you.

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