Unlikely love

So on fourth of July this year, I spent it with my girlfriend. I'm 15 and we had been together for 7 months. As we were swimming i was talking to her cousin(male) and i decided to stay the night at his house.(i met her through him and her brother) So while i was there we were up playing the xbox until three in the mourning. Then out of nowhere i got an erection and he jokingly said "What does my body turn u on or something?" And i admitted to him it does. I had been bisexual scince 7th grade and he knew that. Well later on he said that he was getting h**** and i said that he could f*** me if he wanted. Well after an excruciatingly long 20minutes he finally said ok.(i was so happy) He took about 20 minutes to c** but it was fun. I told my gf the next morning and was p***** but thought it was hilarious. She already knew i was trying to get him to have s** with him but it still took her by suprise scince he was strait before that night. Ps. Now i think i like him and now that shes moving i kinda want to date him should i scince i suck at long distance relationships or what. Help me decide please.

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  • Go for it. You know that he will at least f*** you and probably let you suck him off for sure. Its likely that you will be the bottom but still anything with him would be worth it.

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