Most black girls won't see marriage or even dream of it anymore..

It saddens me to see that marriage for the african american woman is on the verge of dying. I see black women with children but no wedding bands. Either he left, or he's still ur "boyfriend". I have a friend who's name is jasmine.. she has a 5 year old and her and the baby's father have been together 6 years. The guy hasnt proposed and it doesnt even look like he's given thought to it either. Yet her FB status has read "engaged" and she INSISTS on calling him her fiance...disappointment..

Has it really gotten to the point where black women have just settled with having a child by the boyfriend as the same thing as marriage? Or with the boyfriend moving in with her as the same as marriage? How the h*** can you explain to ur child(ren) that daddy has been mommy's boyfriend for the past 5+ years?

I mean seriously..does holding the title of "girlfriend" keep you feeling young and like ur still in the game of dating if things dont work out between u 2?

It makes me mad to see something so ignorant like this. I do intend on proposing to my girlfriend when the time is right.

Jul 7, 2012

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  • O_o When I was in school, none of the black kids had married parents. Their parents were still together, though, like 18 years + each. Can't say that for the white kids.

  • I can'r marry the father of my kids because Jamaican law doesn't let daughters marry their fathers, though they often have their babies.

  • big whoop

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