I hate black people

I work with black people and I'm friends with black people. But how can any black person with a brain not hate how violent black people are?

Every week there is some murder committed by a black man that makes the news. Anytime there is a shooting at a kids party, a fight at a funeral, a fight at Chucke-Cheese you know it's black people.

Blacks make a big deal of Trayvon Martin, but they don't give a damn when some black man slaughters another or executes a white family.

I look at Canada, Denmark, and Norway with envy because they can have great countries because they don't have 13% of their population coming from ignorant black animals

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  • If you feel that way about black people you need to do your friends a favor and discontinue hanging out with them. Your situation is an accident waiting to happen, get help before you end up acting like one of those "hateful"(sarcasm) black people.

  • you do have a right to hate Black people's gang's.such as the Black Panther's,and the blood's,and the African American gang the Crip's.But you do not have a God give-ing to hate all black people just for the sin's of a Few bad gang's.rather than hate.Rally against oppression,just like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King did.Fight for your right's.Rally Against Oppression,and you will be more loved by the African American's.If you are White,Grow a Brain.

  • sorry,i meaning to say,you do not have a God giving right to hate all black people for the sin's of a few gang's.sorry for miss-spelling.

  • I disagree about the crime, all the black people are too lazy to do anything violent and are to stupid to realize when someone is insulting them

  • You need to go to Prison.hope you like wearing a dress,you swine.

  • f*****

  • You sure do have a lot of hate for the human race. Do you realize how the world would be if everyone was like you? The world needs love and I sure don't see that from you. Black eyed peas "Where is the love?" You should listen to that song.

  • Please do your black friends a favour and go cruising through a low-income neighborhood so you get what you deserve.

  • Exactly what he is saying

  • Thus proving the point of the level of violence in those neighborhoods.

  • Hating and judging people you don't even know because of the color of their skin and based off of your own experience, when there are 6 billion people in the world and you probably haven't even met 1 million of them is extremely ignorant. If I were you I would think about how hateful, egoistical and unrightfully judgmental I was being and try to reflect on who I was as a person and attempt to better myself rather than give into immature tantrums and quick assumptions.

  • The statistics speak for themselves. One doesn't need to meet every worthless excuse for a human being to get the picture.

  • You must be really insecure in yourself if the only thing you can do to make yourself feel better is put other people down. That's just pathetic. You know people make mistakes in life. Some people feel hurt because their drunk dad abused them. Other people feel bad because they were sexually abused or constantly emotionally abused by being told they were worthless and that makes them mad at the world. You have the same problem. Something in your life is making you mad at black people. Well why don't you take a look at yourself? Are you any better? Can you honestly say that you don't have hate like the ones you're judging? You've already committed murder in your mind, I'm sure several times. People need love and forgiveness. They don't need to be judged, their consequences and the law already do that. So why don't you take that gigantic log out of your own eye before judging someone else.

  • Everthing you just said is bullshit,hes just saying the truth .

  • Okay then by your logic. White people enslaved black people for several hundred years. A white person called Hitler Killed 11 million people 6 million of which were Jewish. A white person just shot and killed 12 people and injured 59 in the Colorado movie massacre. There are white supremacy gangs all over the U.S. and you're saying that black people are worse? Statistics show that ALL races are capable of tremendous evil and idiocy. Don't blame one freaking race when yours is just as bad if not worse, blame the individual people that choose to do those things, they're the one's to blame not the race.


  • wow look what we have here a racist

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