Okay im getting a divorce from someone ive been with 7 years and married for two and weve had a rocky relationship hes cheated hes lied and all that in the start of it all then we had our first daughter very very young ill just say under 16 and things gat better for awhile the cheating stopped but the lieing and argueing didnt we didnt always fight but we always said we loved to hate one another and fighting was our way of communicating it was just normal everyone around us would be like omg do they really talk one another that way and it was just normal to us then we had our second baby young barely over 18 and we we gat married and we was on the verge of breaking up when i found out i was pregnant then we was pressured into getting married by family so we did and everythin was fine for awhile once again lieing and argueing didnt stop then after i had the second child i started going out i went to the bar every friday with a friend and i started having fun which i had stayed at home since day one of our relationship i asked him to go out with me and he never wanted to even though i done alot of stuff with him he started yelling about how i never spent any time with him so we would watch a movie hed fall asleep and it frustrated me even more it gat to be where he wanted everything else more than me and i finally started drinking while i was out and i was always honest with him about everything and one night i acted iresponsible i didnt sleep with anyone though but i told him about it and we tried working it out the feelings of wanting to be wanted kept getting worse and worse and worse then i reconnected with an old friend that i have known many many years and within a month we were sleeping together and i told my husband before it happend and we were seperated and now i have the friend living with me and im full blown getting a divorce and all this has happend in a matter of 3 months a divorce in the matter of about 1 and im happy with the guy im with dont get me wrong im not saying i regret it im just a little stressed with i still miss my husband and care about him and i love the one im with but in the same im not sure i was ready to full blown be in a relationship right this second and i dont wanna tell this guy cause im afraid h*** leave which he lived in another state btw and hes my bestfriend and if i didnt have him going through all this with me i dont know what id do my luck is getting worse i found out about a week ago i have some major organ problems and i might depending on how bad it is not able to be livin in 5 years and all i think about is my kids and my ex husband and my boyfriend and my family and im confused and scared and just wanted to get this off my chest because im not alone in all this but it feels like im alone the depression has gatten worse and the panic attacks and all this before i even turn 21? i need to figure things out soon

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  • Learn to puncuate. It'll help your thinking processes too.

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