Trolling fanfiction

Gay fanfiction is f****** hilarious (I'm a gay transgender guy). It's mostly written by chicks who are deeply, deeply sensitive with little grasp on the English language. The transgender fanfiction is really disturbing, but oddly hilarious. I feel like a freak all the time, but for some reason reading straight girl's perspective on it just makes me laugh and feel better about myself. "At least I'm not that crazy" and "at least they're not trying to lynch me anymore..."

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  • Hahahaha I'm a lesbian and I write gay fanfiction, which basically means I know how to give handjobs, b******* and have gay s** but I'm never going to do any of them

  • a lesbian and write gay's pretty funny when people read what I write and think im straight.

  • "....tread softly, because you tread on my dreams" ~William Butler Yeats

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